These Stupid Apps Show How Stupid You Are When You're Hungry, Courtesy of Snickers

Candy Brand Shows Another Way You're Not You When You're Starving

Published On
Apr 06, 2016

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Continuing its ongoing effort to show how dim-witted we can become when we're dying of hunger (and badly in need of a candy bar) Snickers, along with agency Colenso BBDO have released a suite of totally useless apps.

"Liquishield," an app that waterproofs you phone; "Is My Phone On?" that tells you just that and "1000 Silent Ringtones," which allows you to play the no-volume version of your favorite tune--are, according to the agency, "three of the dumbest apps the world has ever seen." All in the service of showing how stupid you become when in dire need of nourishment.

Turns out, however, the apps do serve a purpose -- those who use them score Snickers vouchers to help cure their hunger.

"We know that mobile is the most important platform in the lives of most consumers these days, and we saw that as a chance to bring the Snickers platform of 'You're Not You When You're Hungry' to life in an entirely new way," said Neville Doyle, digital planning director at Colenso BBDO in a statement. "Most importantly, it allowed us to get Snickers into the hands of the hungry in an unexpected and entertaining way."