Durex Capitalizes on World Cup Fever with Ad Showing Diving Footballers

Condom Brand Found Football is Affecting People's Sex Lives

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Jun 19, 2014

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Durex, which has for some time been running a campaign called "Don't Fake It," demonstrates another kind of fakery with a film timed to coincide with the World Cup. Set to opera music, it features footage of footballers doing some outrageous "dives" and faking injuries like it's going out of style (it's just a shame they couldn't have featured some real World Cup footage, which would have been even better). Durex also commissioned market research agency 72 Point to highlight how the football is affecting people's love life --the results included that "I want to watch the football" is the top excuse used by men to get out of sex and 40% of men would turn down sex in order to watch soccer.