Jon Hamm Likens Taxes to Donuts in Campaign for H&R Block

Actor Appears in Different Movie-Themed Scenarios

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Jan 24, 2017

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If Jon Hamm can't persuade you to get your taxes done, perhaps no one can.

That seems to be the premise behind a new campaign for H&R Block in which the "Mad Men" actor lays on his Don Draper charm to urge people to do get taxes "won," not just done, in a number of different scenarios, against the backdrop of Hollywood movie sets. These include: pointing out that a tax rebate is like a donut with sprinkles (seen here), advising a zombie extra in a cafeteria, taking a break from filming an action flick, announcing tax advice while playing a Roman emperor or horse-riding cop, narrating a big office blow-up, stepping away from spy-like antics and demanding that everything he wants he gets now (including tax refunds) through various wardrobe changes.

Simon McQuoid at Imperial Woodpecker directed the spots via Fallon, Minneapolis.