Doritos honors two-mom families in Mother's Day Pride campaign

Campaign from Slap Global celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride year-round

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Apr 28, 2021

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In time for Mother’s Day, Doritos Mexico has debuted a message that not only celebrates moms, but also LGBTQ+ Pride. In the new film created by Slap Global, the company formed last year by creative vets Maxi Itzkoff and Gerry Graf, six kids take the stage to read personal letters specially crafted for their moms, expressing their thanks and recounting their journey together over the years. But in each case, the kids are addressing two mothers.

“They say you only have one mom, but I have two,” reads one girl, fighting back tears. “And though only one of you had me in your belly … both of you did everything to have me,” continue two of the other kids.  As the sons and daughters continue their words of apreciation, the spot cuts in photographs of all the different families, ending with the line, “Happy Mother’s Day to all moms.” The Doritos logo then appears atop the hashtag "#PrideAllYear."

The film, titled "Thanks Mom, and Mom," features real-life families. The mothers were invited to an iconic theater in Mexico to shoot a film with their children, but they received no details on what it would be about. The cameras caught their genuine, real-time reactions.

The ad continues a platform Doritos Mexico and Slap Global began last Christmas season to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride throughout the entire year, “#PrideAllYear.”  It kicked off with a spot about a single dad who at first, has trouble expressing his acceptance of his son’s homosexuality, but finds the advice he needs from a Reddit Forum. 


“We are very excited to continue celebrating # PrideAllYear with Doritos,” said Eduardo Córdoba, director of marketing at Doritos Mexico in a statement.. “ This time [we are]  incorporating our message of love, respect and acceptance to such an important date as Mother's Day,” added Luisa Gutierrez, group marketing manager.

It’s just a number of pushes Doritos has introduced in support of the LBTQ+ community. In 2015, the brand introduced Rainbow Doritos in the U.S., with proceeds going to support the It Gets Better Project.