Kid with a Time Machine Pulls a Fast One on Dorito Owner in One of Two Super Bowl Spots

Here Are the Winners from 'Crash the Super Bowl'

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Jan 15, 2014

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Frito-Lays annual contest to give two creative teams the chance to see their creation appear on advertising's biggest night has yielded two winners. One is "Time Machine," created by Ryan Thomas Andersen from the United States. In it, little Jimmy figures out a way to get some free Doritos, via a homemade time machine that has a passerby really, really excited.

The second winner is "Cowboy Kid," also submitted from the U.S. by Amber Gill. In that spot, a kid (sense a theme here?) works with his awesome dog for a showdown with his older brother -- over of course, a bag of chips.

This was the first year that Doritos opened up the contest to all 43 countries where the chips are sold. Winners get $1 million and the chance to work on the next Avenger's movie, "Age of Ultron." You can see all the finalists in the playlist on the right. Goodby has long assisted the brand on the campaign.