Doritos X Von Miller (#NameThatTriangle)

Published On
Apr 24, 2023


At Doritos, we're obsessed with two things: crashing culture and triangles. That's why we saw an opportunity when we saw that All-Pro linebacker Von Miller got a glorious triangle hair patch on his normally bald head—an opportunity for a Doritos pre-Super Bowl social campaign with a distinctly cutting edge. We quickly hit Von to partner up! Together we laid down the gauntlet across both fan bases—creating a social campaign that invited everyone to #NameThatTriangle. Suddenly the cut that made waves on Thursday Night Football was trending hard in the social sphere. And then we headed to Buffalo to ignite the league's most passionate (and potentially crazy) fanbase with Von's Chips (And Clips). Setting up shop with 5 of Buffalo's most sought-after barbers—and even the team's resident DJ—we piled 1000+ fans into our space to grab a sample and get the cut! Despite the negative temperatures, not a chair was empty, with over 44 fans getting Von's hairdo and posting it to social on the spot. This would prompt over 68 custom submissions across the social sphere. With each submission acting as a contest entry for access to Super Bowl LVII, the names and takes on the haircut were memorable. The collaboration between Doritos and Von Miller received over 1 Billion earned media impressions and 1 Million+ organic–proving there's always another way to Try Another Angle.