Domino's Puts Hidden Clues in a Snapchat Movie

U.K. Viewers Can Find Discount Code in a Short Film

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Jan 21, 2016

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You can already order Domino's pizza via Twitter and by texting with emojis. Now, in the U.K., the chain is extending its reach to Snapchat, with a short film running across the platform.

The "Dough to Door" movie, created by Iris Worldwide, will play across Snapchat for 24 hours as a "Snapchat Story." Viewers are shown a sequence of random letters throughout the film that contribute to a unique discount code that can be used when they place an online order. The story follows the journey of a Domino's delivery driver who encounters a series of obstacles throughout his trip. Upon setting out to deliver his pizza he is confronted by an alien invasion that takes viewers on an epic adventure, ending with a successful pizza delivery.