Dove Matches Posters To Your Dress Color in U.K. Shopping Malls

Campaign Promotes Dove's Invisible Dry Deodorant, Claimed to Leave No Marks on Color

Published On
Jul 15, 2014

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Dove has found a new way to attract the attention of consumers in U.K. shopping malls -- matching the color of the clothes they are wearing to the color of a dress on its posters. The interactive six-sheet outdoor campaign, running in several large malls, features color recognition technology developed by production company Grand Visual. When someone stands in front of the screen the technology identifies and captures the dominant color they are wearing. The dress worn by the woman on the poster then changes to reflect that color. The posters promote the launch of Dove's Invisible Dry deodorant (which the brand claims leaves no white marks on "100 colors") and are part of a wider campaign encouraging women to be confident about using deodorant while wearing colors.