Dove : The Ad Makeover

Getting rid of negative advertising.

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Apr 24, 2012

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Dove, known for uplifting ad campaigns that celebrate "real beauty," is targeting those nasty little Facebook ads that tell you to increase your bust size or get rid of that tummy fat.

The brand and Ogilvy U.K. have launched The Ad Makeover, a Facebook app that lets Australians opt in to bring more positive body image messages to the Facebook ad space ("The perfect bum is the one you're sitting on.") so their friends will get a healthy dose of optimism when they next sign in to Facebook.

Update: While the video suggests that the app actually 'deletes' the negative ads from Facebook and swaps them out for the encouraging messages, that's not quite the case. Users can't select who actually will see the ads and targeting works the way it would for any other ad.

According to a Facebook spokesperson the app works as follows: users who opt into the app can create their own uplifting images, for which Dove would then essentially purchase ad space for, thus leaving less room for others who have less encouraging messages for your body-or for any other advertiser, for that matter.