Google New Zealand Releases Epic 'Dr. Who' Doodle

Celebrate the Timelord's 50th Anniversary By Playing all 11 Doctors

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Nov 22, 2013

Editor's Pick

Is this the best Google Doodle yet? Star Trek fans might disagree, but we think it's right up there. Google New Zealand's latest Doodle is a terrific game and puzzle where you play the Doctor through all of his 11 incarnations. The objective of the game is to go through different levels and collect all the letters that make up "GOOGLE," then return them to the TARDIS. Daleks roam around, and if you're caught by them, you regenerate into the next Doctor. The Doodle, which Mashable reports is known as "Whodle" instead Googleplex in California, celebrates Dr. Who's 50th anniversary.

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