Draymond Green Is a Warrior, Pirate and More in Spot for YouTube TV

Film by Big Block and ESPN CreativeWorks Promotes the Mobile App

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Jan 29, 2018

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NBA star Draymond Green goes from Golden State Warrior to medieval warrior, pirate and more in a new spot promoting YouTube TV.

The VFX-heavy spot sees Green battling "Braveheart"-style fighters in his living room as he explains how the mobile app means he never misses any of his shows, despite "going into battle fairly often." We also see him as a swashbuckling pirate and an astronuat zapping aliens, who are searching in vain for his cable box.

ESPN CreativeWorks created the two minute spot, while Vincent Peone directed it via content production studio Big Block. It's airing on ESPN.


Jan 29, 2018
Brand :
Client :
Content Production Company :
Big Block
Director :
Vincent Peone
Managing Director :
Kenny Solomon
Chief of Content and Innovation :
Tom Flanagan
President :
Doug Scott
Executive Producer/Live Action :
Geno Imbriale
Line Producer :
Kelly Christensen
Director, Photography :
Mark Plummer
Chief Technology Officer :
Albert Soto
Executive Creative Director :
Curtis Doss
Creative Director :
Robin Resella
Senior Visual Effects/Post Producer :
Sabrina Mance-Weinstein
Visual Effects Supervisor :
John Cherniack
Visual Effects Coordinator :
Jesse Looney
Editor :
Andrew Anderson
Lead Flame Artist :
Rod Basham
Flame Artist :
Rob Ufer
Flame Artist :
Phil Man
Assistant Editor :
Louis Cohen
Visual Effects Artist :
Andy Bryne
Nuke Artist :
Erik Werlin
3D Tracking :
Joe Chiechi
Lead Designer/Animator :
Ricky Elizondo
Designer/Animator :
Jeremiah Ferrell
Cell Animator :
Dylan Spears
Sound Design and Mix :
Waterfront Sound
Creative Director :
ESPN Creative Works
Vice President, Creative Works :
Carrie Brzezinski-Shu
Senior Creative Director :
Jay Marrotte
Senior Creative Director :
Ryan Campbell
Creative Director :
Jamie Overkamp
Writer :
Justin Swiderski
Senior Director, Strategy :
Brian Price
Associate Director, Strategic Planning :
Jeanette Segarra
Strategy Coordinator :
Stefan Carter
Associate Director, Production :
Matt Cheron
Production Coordinator :
Courtney Budenholzer
Product Marketing Manager :
Josh Barth
Global Head :
Angela Courtin
Associate Product Marketing Manager :
Chloe Getting
Global Head of Brand and Creative Marketing :
Matt Ross
Sports Content Partnerships :
Caroline Kutler
Marketing Manager Strategy and Operations :
Bradley Okamoto
Vice President, Affiliate Marketing Acct. Management. :
Kimberly Wilson
Associate Director, Affiliate Marketing :
Allison Ross
Talent :
Draymond Green
Aliens :
Laverne & Shirley
Content Production Studio :
Big Block
Chief Executive Offier :
Seven Volpone

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