Hopeful, Endangered Animals Will Break Your Heart in Beautiful Animated Film From WCFF

First Hope, Then Despair in This Melancholy Film Featuring Cover of 'I Dreamed a Dream'

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Oct 14, 2016

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You will likely be charmed, then extremely saddened, by this beautiful animated film for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, created out of DDB New York. "Dream" depicts four endangered species of rhinos, seals, pelicans and whales, pensively singing "I Dreamed a Dream," the famous tune from the Broadway production of Les Miserables.

It's a beautiful set-up, and you're led to believe that life is good for the critters, who at first appear to be looking out onto a wondrous world with anticipation, but the choice of song (sung in the play by the character Fantine in an utter moment of despair), foreshadows where the story is going to go.

The tale darkens as new characters, monstrous hunters, enter the picture, riding atop ships and wielding weapons, and the film closes on a frightening, tragic scene.

"It is a sad film and it is sad to realize how much destruction we inflict into so many species," explained DDB New York CCO Icaro Doria. "WCFF's mission is to raise awareness of Wildlife conservation and us, people being the big cause of their problems. We wanted to create a piece that would feel epic, to the size of our epic impact into the rest of the planet."

The cover of "I Dreamed a Dream" was produced out of Mophonics, who brought together musicians Natalie Bergman, Ryan Merchant, Keenan O'Meara and Tal Fisher Altman to play the roles of the animals. "The lyrics express so well what wildlife has endured because of human presence, and it's so ironic if you think that it was composed to talk about the dreams of people," Mr. Doria said.

The agency tapped Zombie Studio to create the animated film, which was done in CG, but has a stop-motion feel. Mr. Doria said that the project took nine months from start to finish.

The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival will take place in New York City at the Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater in New York City, from October 17-24.


Oct 14, 2016
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
DDB-New York
Chief Creative Officer :
Icaro Doria
Creative Director :
Thiago Carvalho
Head of Art/Creative Director :
Bruno Oppido
Associate Creative Director :
Guilherme Racz
Associate Creative Director :
Lucas Caso
Head of Production :
Ed Zazzera
Senior Producer :
Amanda Van Caneghem
Senior Account Executive :
Matthew Leach
Talent Manager :
Linda Bres
Founder and Chief Executive Offier :
Christopher J. Gervais, F.R.G.S.
Music :
Alain Boublil
Song :
"I Dreamed a Dream"
Music :
Claude-Michel Schonberg
Music :
Jean-Marc Natel
Music :
Herbert Kretzmer
Sound Design/Final Mix :
Director :
Zombie Studio
Executive Producer :
Natalia Gouvea
Executive Producer :
Paulo Garcia

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