Look out, your creepy neighbors are borrowing your cats, according to Dreamies

Adam&Eve/DDB creates funny campaign for the Mars Petcare brand

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Feb 08, 2019

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A funny new set of ads for Dreamies, the Mars Petcare brand, centers on the idea that creepy neighbors might be "borrowing" your cats and luring them with the treats.

Three spots by Adam&Eve/DDB, directed by Blink's Nick Ball, play with this scenario. In one, a couple of (slightly unnerving in a horror-film type way) kids explain how their mum has banned them from having a cat, so they're borrowing yours to play with. Another leery neighor is luring a bunch of kitties to impress a lady friend. And an old lady with a definite "Misery" vibe about her confesses that when she's not gossiping about your and your husband, she's feeding your cat. All are enticing the kitties with the trademark "shake" noise of the Dreamies package. 

Richard Brim, chief creative officer at Adam&Eve/DDB, points out: “All cat owners wonder what their cat gets up to, but deep down they know. They’re at the neighbor’s. Cat borrowers are everywhere. It’s a brilliant truth, that’s made for a really disruptive campaign. If you don’t have a cat, borrow one.”

The campaign is running in the U.K., and will be followed by the US, Australia and Europe later in the year.


Feb 08, 2019
Mars Petcare
Adam & Eve/DDB-London

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