UBS Enlists Joss Stone to Help Pose Big Questions in International Women's Day Spot

Film Includes Re-Recording of 'Free Me'

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Mar 06, 2017

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UBS is showing its commitment to diversity with a campaign for International Women's Day in which it poses some of the most common big questions for women setting up in business.

The film by Publicis is set to a re-recording of "Free Me" by British singer Joss Stone (who has also collaborated on a behind-the-scenes video in which she explains more about her involvement and the meaning of the song). With the music in the background, we see text posing various questions that a woman might ask herself during her career journey; everything from "Did I only get the job because I'm a woman?" to "will the investors take me seriously?" to "are we only together for the kids?" The 90-second film ends with the campaign line "For some of life's questions you are not alone. Together we can find an answer."

"We chose to focus the campaign on women because it is important for us to communicate directly to our female clients, and marketing is one way of doing so. UBS is committed to further increase diversity -- not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because it is key to achieving our goals," said Johan Jervoe, UBS Chief Marketing Officer, in a statement. The campaign will run online on digital channels, supported by a dedicated microsite page and across social platforms.