Drones Referee a Soccer Game in First Global Campaign for Pepsi Max

Ad Was Filmed in Barcelona With Real Bystanders

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Apr 30, 2015

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A five-a-side nighttime soccer match is transformed into an event with the help of drones and LED lights in this ad for Pepsi Max. It's the initial spot in what the brand says is its first-ever global campaign, breaking first on social media and using the hashtag #Genius.

Created by AMV BBDO (under the creative direction of Thiago de Moraes, former ECD at Droga5 London) and directed by Scott Lyon of Outsider, the ad was filmed in Barcelona with local players from the neighborhood where the filming took place. A drone officiates the game, delivering the soccer ball and at one point even handing out a yellow card to a player, while the pitch is illuminated and LED lights on surrounding buildings inject some extra excitement into proceedings. According to Pepsi, the reactions of the players and bystanders are authentic.