Netflix Announces a (Scary) Drone Delivery Service

Parody Video Features General Manager Hank Breegeman

Published On
Feb 25, 2014

Editor's Pick

Amazon has already talked about its problematic-sounding drone delivery service, and Century 21 took it a step further when they created this parody video showing how homes needed a landing pad for those drones so you could get your monthly supply of paper towels on schedule.

Now, Netflix, which has already proven to us that it isn't short on cheekiness (see this trailer for its "Fireplace For Your Home" Christmastime videos) gets in on the act, This video starring Hank Breeggemann, General Manager of Netfllix's DVD Division, promotes its "new" Drone 2 Home service that will ensure you get your DVDs anytime and anywhere. It's an interesting move given that DVDs are a declining part of the company's business, with the bulk of its performance now being attributed to its streaming services.