This scruffy pup with self-esteem issues will tug at your heartstrings

There are some things money can't buy, in spot for the Dutch Lottery

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Dec 21, 2018

Editor's Pick

In this year's ad for the Dutch State Lottery's New Year's Eve draw, the message is that some things are even more precious than winning a pile of cash.

The ad, created by TBWA/Neboko and directed by Martin Werner, centers on adorable, but scruffy little dog called Frekkel, with a limp. Out with his owner buying a lottery ticket, he sees a beautiful sleek Afghan hound, and when the owner later remarks that if he wins the lottery, he will only have beautiful things, Frekkel panics. Next, the little dog goes missing--but it seems his family will go to any lengths to get him back. 

Alongside the ad, there's a behind-the-scenes film about the real-life Frekkel (real name Pistacio), a rescue dog with an injured paw who's apparently enjoying his new life as a film star. All together now -- aww.