EasyJet's grounded pilots are helping to homeschool kids with video flying lessons

Campaign via Taylor Herring covers subjects such as how planes fly and cloud formations

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Feb 25, 2021

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With plane travel pretty much on hold in Europe due to the pandemic, there inevitably hasn't been much promotional activity from airlines of late. However, EasyJet has come up with a way to keep its brand relevant even during the lockdown—by helping to homeschool kids.

The brand's "Flightsize" campaign, by agency Taylor Herring, makes clever use of the fact that many of its pilots are currently grounded. It features the EasyJet pilots giving virtual, bite-sized lessons to kids covering subjects like "How planes fly," "Why weather is important," and "How do pilots know where they are going?" 

The lesson videos, produced via St. Mark's Studios, are hosted on Easyet's YouTube channel and are aimed at children aged 7-10. As well as providing science and physics lessons, the videos also helps to keep kids occupied with tasks such as making paper airplanes, drawing and identifying cloud formations, practicing pilot announcements and drawing detailed maps of their hometown.

Once U.K. schools return in-person, which is expected to be after March 8, the airline will be launching virtual pilot school visits, as part of its Amy Johnson Initiative to encourage more girls to become pilots.

“We know it isn’t easy for parents having to balance home-schooling with work during lockdown which is why they are always looking for ever-more exciting ways to keep their children busy and entertained in what we hope is the final stretch of home schooling," said Johan Lundgren, EasyJet CEO, in a statement.  "I am delighted that our pilots and EasyJet as an airline can help out in a small way and I hope that children enjoy learning from our fantastic pilots all about how planes fly as well as a behind-the-scenes look at what the job of a pilot is like with these Flightsize lessons.”