Easyjet teams with Spotify to recommend vacations to users

Campaign from VCCP creates trips based on listening habits

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Aug 08, 2022

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Your music choices say a lot about you, as countless Spotify data-led campaigns attest. And now they could inform your vacation destination too, as Spotify and European airline Easyjet are teaming up to provide personalized experiences for travelers based on their listening habits.

In a campaign called "Listen & Book," people looking to book vacations on Easyjet can to connect their Spotify account via a dedicated microsite, which will identify holiday vibes based on recent music played and recommend hotspots and experiences on Easyjet's network. (When we tried it, our "calm" music choices suggested mixing beach days with a city break in Nice, beach-hopping in the Algarve, or thermal mineral baths in Tuscany.)

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The facility "will be supported by marketing campaigns developed by VCCP London and will run in France, Italy, Switzerland and the U.K.. It's part of the airline's "Nextgen Easyjet" brand platform which was launched earlier this year with an advertising campaign heralding the return of air travel after the pandemic, with a more environmental slant.

 “Listen & Book will help our customers discover new destinations across our European network, using Spotify’s innovative technology to enhance our customer search and booking experience," said Richard Sherwood, customer and marketing director at Easyjet, in a statement. "This collaboration is the perfect fit for our ‘Nextgen Easyjet,’ brand strategy with the ambition to pioneer the next generation of travel for all, connecting customers to the people they love, new and diverse cultures and unforgettable experiences.”

"Listeners engage with Spotify to experience inspiration and discovery, and our focus on personalization enables brands to cultivate meaningful interactive connections with their audiences," added Richard Frankel, global creative director at Spotify. "This creative collaboration shows what’s possible with streaming audio. Listen and Book is a great example of how brands can tap into a consumer’s mindset and engage with them in innovative and useful ways that drive real outcomes.”

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