Has Edeka Flown Too Close to the Sun With This Spot Accused of Fat-Shaming?

German Supermarket Accused of Fat Shaming in Another Disturbing Spot

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Feb 22, 2017

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German supermarket Edeka and its agency, Jung von Matt, have built a reputation for slightly disturbing advertising. There was a Christmas spot where an old man fakes his own funeral as a way to bring his family together, and another advising parents to stop shopping altogether.

Edeka's latest effort is a bizarre tale that has attracted accusations of "fat shaming," prompting an apology from the supermarket chain.

Called "Eatkarus" -- a pun on the Greek hero Icarus who flew too close to the sun -- it is set in a land where everyone is obese, even the dogs, and the only food served is a sloppy grey gruel. The soundtrack is a mournful song asking, "Why does life sometimes feel so wrong?"

Inspired by watching birds in flight, one overweight boy dreams of a less dreary life. He tries and fails to use balloons and wings to help him fly, so he decides to mimic birds by eating berries instead.

Up in his bedroom, the boy keeps working to create better wings, and as winter turns to spring, he emerges with a new set of feathers and a new shape --he is slim as a bird -- drawing disapproving looks from his fat neighbors. He runs into the hills and finally achieves flight.

As the film ends, he is lying in the grass eating berries and the endline, "Eat like the person you want to become," flashes up on screen.