The De-tchotchkefication of Olympic Souvenirs

Not The Typical Kitsch, You'll Really Want to Collect This Memorabilia

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Jan 15, 2014

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The Sochi Olympics will soon be upon us, no doubt putting forth before attendees mountains of tacky souvenirs that typically accompany such major world events. But thanks to students at Swiss design school ECAL, we can imagine a beautiful alternative to the kitsch, with this recent project celebrating the opening of the Olympics Museum in Lausanne. Gizmodo alerted us to the cool concept pieces, which include an elaborate set of matches, each stick shaped in the form of a previous Olympic torch. Even more impressive, to set them on fire, the lighter must drag them along an attenuated striking surface resembling a race track.

Another beautiful piece is a stadium game -- an oblong, grooved wooden block along which marbles travel like mini-racers, as well as a twist on the classic moo-maker can, which when upturned produces the roar of an Olympic crowd. Check out the works in the film above and in the slideshow.


Jan 15, 2014

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