GE : Ecomagination Photo Project

Snap a pic, save the earth.

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Oct 21, 2010
Ecomagination Photo Project

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For the next phase of GE's Ecomagination campaign, BBDO has launched a new site rallying consumers to use their cameras to help save the earth. The Ecomagination Photo Project, created in partnership with SocialVibe and SpeedShape, asks visitors to submit photos of wind, light or water to raise money for environment-related charities. For every image uploaded, GE will then donate money to a charity corresponding to that image. A wind picture will yield money to Practical Action, water pics will earn a donations for Charity Water and light pictures will go to help d.light Lighting Oecusse Project.

Visitors can upload up to three photos and must "Tag them Green" in order to activate the donations.