Beautiful migratory birds are a metaphor for data in this HP Enterprise film

Joe Wright of Sibling Rivalry directs spot filmed at California's Big Sky Movie Ranch

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Jul 26, 2018

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When you think of data management, the beauties of nature likely aren't the first thing to pop into you head. ut a new film for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, introducing its Edge Computing technology, does its best to tie those seemingly incongruous concepts together.

The film, directed by Joe Wright of Sibling Rivalry, visualizes data as flocks of migratory birds (as well as numbers on a screen) and features some stunning outdoor scenery--it was filmed in Simi Valley, at California's famous Big Sky Movie Ranch.

"Edge Computing is a complex subject, to say the least. HPE, though, was open to keeping the concept somewhat abstract, as we were looking for a more poetic and visual representation of data management," Wright explains. "I chose to use bird murmurations and their migratory patterns as a metaphor for the future of intelligent data, and this became the theme for the film, and I then built the narrative around it."

The film will first be projected live on multiple large screens at the brand's multiple global conferences, and then featured online and on social media.


Jul 26, 2018
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Sibling Rivalry
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