Barnardo's : Edible Book

Use it, save it, eat it.

Published On
May 08, 2012

Editor's Pick

Land Rover drivers, the vehicle's got your back, and not just because you can take the sturdy car out into any type of wilderness. While the car may protect you from high temperatures and deadly animals, what will you do if you're stuck in the middle of, say, the Arabian desert?

A survival guide created by Y&R Dubai will help you get through your ordeal. The guide contains information about how people can use indigenous animals and plants and is wrapped up in a reflective packaging that will help you to signal for assistance.

And when things get really, really tough: You can eat the book, which was made out of edible ink and paper and has a nutrition value close to that of a cheeseburger. After all, as Maurice Sendak knows, there is no higher honor than when something you create goes into the stomachs of your fans.

German design company Korefe also created a cookbook that you could cook, for a publishing client.