Alejo Arango: Egotherapy

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Jan 26, 2015


Egotherapy, Miami based photographer's last essay, conveys our world's narcissist behavior through a Freudian-like setup.

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Our society is drenched in self-obsession. Every move screams narcissism. Is there a cure?

Egotherapy is the latest photographic essay created by Alejo Arango, a Miami based photographer, right before the artist relocates to Qatar.

The project encapsulates the current societal scenario, using a Freudian-like setup. Arango explored the relationship between a psychotherapist and his patient. A brave effort to decipher the narcissistic attitude of our current society, using primitive tell tales and captivating imagery that makes us wonder if we should really take that selfie.

Born in Medellin, Alejandro Arango grew up with a family medical background, images were always his passion, perhaps influenced by his father's fondness for photography.

Alejo's career as a professional photographer started 15 years ago. His contact and amazement at the people around him and his studies in anthropology turned him into a natural semiologist, being able to reproduce people's essence and stories through his photography.


Jan 26, 2015
Alejo Arango
Alejo Arango
Alejo Arango

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