A Twitter-Enabled Chalkboard Promotes NatGeo's 'Genius' at SXSW

A Robotic Arm Turns Visitors' Selfies Into Art

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Mar 10, 2017

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National Geographic is promoting "Genius," its series about the life of Albert Einstein, with a stunt at SXSW that sees selfies turned into art on a recreation of the iconic inventor's "chalkboard."

Visitors to the festival can submit their selfies via Twitter by adding the #GeniusBoard hashtag, and then see their portrait drawn by a robotic arm using Einstein's words, symbols and equations as pixels.

The stunt, by Deeplocal, the latest in a series of cool promotions for "Genius, which has also included a spot created by McCann, featuring Geofffey Rush, as Einstein, playing Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" on the violin.