You Can Only Hear These New Tracks If You Vote Tomorrow

Rock the Vote Targets Millennials With 'Location-Based Music'

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Nov 04, 2016

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With one day to go until polling day, Rock the Vote is still coming up with innovative ways to get millennials to turn out for Election 2016. Its latest ruse, developed with Goody, Silverstein & Partners, is to persuade some popular artists to release new tracks -- but only let people hear them if they're in the vicinity of a polling station.

The songs, by Watsky and Adam Vida, the Head and the Heart and Local Natives, will be streamed on Nov. 8 via on mobile devices, with the site able to detect whether users are at a polling station. The technology is powered by the Google Maps APIs and the Pew Charitable Trusts' Voting Information Project via the Google Civic Information API. Rock the Vote claims this will be the first time artists have ever released location-based songs.

Of course the site can't tell if you're actually going to vote, but for those keen to listen, it'll give them an incentive to get down to the polls, as well as directions on where to go. And that could be all it takes.