BMW : Electronauts

For those seeking electric adventure.

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Sep 21, 2011

Editor's Pick

BMW is seeking 700 'electronauts' across seven cities for a field trial of its new electric car, the ActiveE. It's running this video by KBS+P, calling for adventurers to become 'electronauts', on its ActiveE website, which has been updated with some new features.

The Field Trial section of the site now includes the details on the Electronaut recruitment process, which will kick-off with a reservation form available on the site later this year. A 'Lifestyle' tab has three new features that provide insight into what it would be like to be an Electronaut. You can hear testimonials from the BMW Group's first electric car drivers, 'The MINI E Pioneers,' and calculate the CO2, money and time you could save by driving a BMW ActiveE. Finally, an interactive map highlights public charging stations, restaurants and more destinations within the range a BMW ActiveE is able to attain on a single charge.