Despite Its Rocky Road to Launch, Faraday Future Gets on the Road With Anniversary Film

The Self-Proclaimed 'Tesla Killer' Debuts Film Showing Off the FF 91

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May 09, 2017

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California-based electric supercar startup Faraday Future's mission statement explains, "We aspire to redefine what people expect from personal transportation and [first production car] FF 91 reflects this new vision of advanced mobility." Yet since it was founded three years ago, the company has been plagued with negative headlines. Once-billing itself as a "Tesla-killer," it has seen mishap after mishap including a total FF91 "fail" during CES earlier this year, the loss of key execs and the scaling back of its U.S. production plans.

Nevertheless, to remind consumers that it's still around and still aiming to be a player in the market, it released a new film in honor of its three-year anniversary. The "Emergence" online ad is pretty much all product, no story, with a few head-scratching artistic touches. Created in-house, it opens on a misty nature scene. A quiet keyboard-driven track plays as we see the brand's spacey FF 91 SUV drifting through woodsy canyon roads. The music then amps up as the car hits the city streets and then, the open road. The cuts get faster and random scenes of waves crashing cut in, along with various sheet metal shots as the car that zooms off, presumably, toward a brighter future.

Meanwhile, the leader in the field, Tesla, recently made a marketing play that leverages the creativity and passion of its fans, who have avidly created some pretty ambitious spec ads for the automaker. It debuted the Project Loveday contest, inspired by a request from a young environmentally-conscious girl. It asks consumers to create more of their own Tesla spots, and even agencies have jumped in with their bright ideas.


May 09, 2017
Brand :
Faraday Future
Client :
Faraday Future
Head of Global Design :
Richard Kim
Director, Interior Design and Brand :
Pontus Fontaeus
Global Director, Video Content :
Juicy Wang
Creative Director :
Noah Olmsted
Co-Director :
Tom Armstrong
Co-Director :
Juicy Wang
Head of Video Production :
Tina Starkweather
Senior Content Producer :
Sean Russell
Director :
Tom Armstrong
Director, Photography :
James Jack
Still Photography :
Gilles Uzan
Still Photography :
Yichan Chung
Performance Driver :
Matt Lubbers
Trailer Driver :
Joseph Santiago
Car Detailing :
Eddie Pratt
Engineering Team :
David Arft
Engineering Team :
Matt Lubbers
Engineering Team :
Isaac Meadows
Engineering Team :
John Alser
Editor :
Noah Olmsted
Color and Flame Finishing :
Giancarlo Rondani
Design and Animation :
Theo Alexopoulos
Music/Sound Design :
Harshit Jain
Public Relations :
Mike Cooperman
Product Marketing :
Darilyn Pilapil

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