The names of war victims take on a tragic irony in this haunting PSA

Italian NGO Emergency focuses on the human cost of conflict

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Jan 08, 2020

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As saber-rattling from Washington continues, a PSA from Italian charity Emergency highlights the faces—and names—of people maimed, burned, orphaned or displaced by war. Juxtaposed against their dire circumstances, each person’s name reveals the hopes their parents had for them—many now unrealized, or torn from them by conflict.

Mubassir’s name means “clearsighted” in Arabic, but the young boy’s broken glasses and injured eye stand in stark contrast to his namesake. Another child, Iqbal, doesn’t look “fortunate,” as his name would indicate, and Aturdokht’s burn scars make the meaning of her name, “daughter of fire,” seem like a cruel joke.

The images come from “Legacy of War,” a five-year project by photojournalist Giles Duley documenting the human cost of conflicts in places like Iraq, Lebanon and Angola. The spot from Ogilvy Italy continues the campaign begun in previous spots “Everybody has a dream” and “Every person matters,” which tells the true story of an immigrant who saves a man’s life in restaurant. Emergency provides medical and surgical help to these victims of war, landmines and poverty.


Jan 08, 2020

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