Tina Fey Takes 'Fun' Out of Back to School Shoppping in Amex's Emmys Ad

Actress Is Not One to Spoil in New Ad for Everyday Credit Card

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Aug 25, 2014

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For those of you who've read "Bossypants," you know how awesome a mom Tina Fey is. That becomes even more clear in Ogilvy' New York's latest ad for the American Express Everday card, which debuted last night during the Emmys.

In it, the actress/comedian goes back-to-school shopping for her daughters and poo-poos the various questionable, useless products that stores are promoting to young girls -- like ultra short-shorts -- with "not enough crotch" and backpacks that look like they hold no more than a lipstick. Ultimately, she makes wiser purchases, like shoes built for a "mathlete" and a dress that reads "future Supreme Court justice."