In Yesteryear Suburbia, Things Gets Strange for Mercedes Benz

BBDO Paris Spot Conjures Up 'A Kind of Magic'

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Jan 05, 2017

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Mercedes-Benz owes a debt to Netflix hit "Stranger Things" for its latest spot, which is set on a sinister suburban street and stars a posse of bike-riding kids, styled as if they're from some indeterminate yesteryear.

The film shows a boy watching a man reverse his Mercedes into a driveway. The two nod to each other as the man steps away from the car and into his house. The boy, strangely fascinated, continues to appear to witness the parking ritual, whatever the weather or time of day.

New friends join him every day until a whole gang of pre-teen kids and even a cute bulldog puppy congregate opposite the man's house.

Finally, we see what is intriguing the kids: the man steps away from his E-Class and the car then parks itself in the garage, thanks to the remote parking pilot. The endframe reads, "A kind of magic."

The film was produced in-house by agency BBDO Paris, and directed by Matthieu Mantovani.