This Augmented Reality App Gives You Insight Into Living in a War Zone

'Enter the Room' Was Developed by the International Committee of the Red Cross

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Mar 12, 2018

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A new app from the International Committee of the Red Cross lets users experience in harrowing detail what it's like to be a child living in a war zone.

Enter the Room, which was developed by French agency Nedd, and uses its own "portal" technology, revolves around the story of a little girl living through war. The experience, available on the iPhone (for iOS11 and an iPhone 6S or higher), begins in real life: as users hold up their phone, a virtual door appears. They are then invited to cross the threshold and explore a seemingly ordinary child's bedroom, as if they were really there.

Users never see the little girl herself and there are no words. Instead, they can follow the evolution of her life and health over four years of war by leafing through her memories-- drawings, toys, and other objects around the room -- and by the sounds coming from outside. The room changes through each successive year to the present day.

The charity aims for the app to show the public the realities of living without access to basic supplies like food, water and medicine, and the effect that can have local residents.