Eos promotes shaving toes, lips, thighs to prepare for key moments in your life

Latest campaign with Mischief @ No Fixed Address is about shaving for 'anyone and anywhere'

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Jun 16, 2022

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This week, personal care brand Eos announced a new marketing campaign centered around normalizing shaving—anywhere and everywhere you have unwanted hair, from your upper lip to your inner thigh and big toe. 

“Shaving Skincare for Anyone & Anywhere,” created with Mischief @ No Fixed Address, is the latest addition to the brand’s bold advertising on shameless shaving. It includes three films, influencer engagement and out-of-home. 

Three 30-second videos display users of Eos shaving cream prepping for special occasions such as dinner at an expensive restaurant, a job interview and a date night.  

In one (above), for example, a young woman glides a razor across her big toe, her armpit and leg as she contemplates her big interview for “the kind of job where you have to pretend you didn’t smell your socks before you put them on in the morning.” 


Out-of-home ads in New York City and Chicago  feature lines that read, “Your mom has a mustache,” “Your aunt Terry has a treasure trail,” and “Your HR person has hooha hair.”

EOS Evolution of Smooth - Ads outside


“Body hair is the great unifier,” said Soyoung Kang, chief marketing officer of Eos, in a statement. “We all have it. This campaign is about destigmatizing the conversation around body hair and one’s personal grooming choices—all through our trademark humor and real talk approach,”

“We recognize that shaving is a personal choice and whether people are tackling toe hair or bikini fuzz, we’re telling consumers they deserve to use a product that’s really caring for their skin,” added Carley Caldas, vice president of brand marketing and media at Eos.

Eos and Mischief collaborations in the past have stood out for their provocative approaches. In March, they released the “Pubes for the Planet” campaign, in which users can donate their hair from down there to be repurposed into environmental tools. The team also debuted an ‘80s- inspired aerobics video, called “Vagnastics,” for Eos’ shaving cream line last August, not to mention the brand’s award-winning “Bless Your F*cking Cooch” product line and social push.