Can you see the gender pay gap in this typeface?

The Martin Agency's open-source characters reflects pay inequities between men and women

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Apr 10, 2018

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Equal Pay Day is today, April 10, and marks the date women would have to work until in order for their salaries to catch up to what their male counterparts earned the previous year. To "celebrate" the inauspicious occasion, The Martin Agency created a symbolic typeface to represent the cotinuing gender pay gap.

Created by Art Director Brittany Tooker and free to download, it features characters featuring a 22.7-degree slant, referencing the 22.7 percent pay gap between U.S. men and women. The character spacing is also set to 22.7.

The wage gap varies every year, so the Equal Pay Day typeface will as well. As the gap fluctuates, the letters will be updated to accommodate the new percentage. "At the current pace, my daughter won't see pay equity until she's about 115 years old," says CEO Kristen Cavallo. Sadly, she adds it's likely a better fate than that expected for CCO Karen Costello's daughter, who would need to wait until she's 244-- because she's Hispanic. The wage gap for black and Latino women is even greater than for women overall.

Recently, The Martin Agency audited its salaries and adjusted pay that was deemed too low. The agency also reiterated its commitment to Free the Bid, an initiative that advocates for women directors in advertising. These moves followed the dismissal of former CCO Joe Alexander after allegations of sexual harassment.

This isn't the first typeface built to make a point. Last year, JWT created a nearly unreadable one to draw attention to fake news.

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