Equinox Invites You to Dive for a Membership

Summer Campaign Offers Gold Memberships That Only the Super Fit Can Reach

Published On
Jul 14, 2015

Editor's Pick

New York fitness chain Equinox has kicked off a fun summer treasure hunt for people to win one year Gold memberships to its clubs. In a campaign called "Goldrush," it has hidden five prizes in locations that people will have to work really hard to find (and be pretty super-fit and athletic too); the first prize, for example, was anchored below a buoy in Montauk's Fort Pond and applicants were invited to dive for it.

The campaign, by Wieden & Kennedy NY, will also include prizes buried in gravel in Manhattan and down a well under a manhole in the West Village. The fourth membership will go to the winner of an early morning race to the top of a high rise block, and in a grand finale, the winner will have to jump high off a pier over the Hudson river to reach the prize. Hopefully it will be worth it; a Gold membership includes personal training and pilates classes, a $500 voucher to the Equinox Juice Bar and $1000 to spend at the shop.