Get into Great Shape, And Get into Some Trouble

Equinox Launches 2014 Brand Campaign via W+K NY

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Jan 02, 2014

Editor's Pick

Jan. 2 is the best time to launch an ad campaign -- if you're a gym. Equinox just does that, but with a twist, via a new brand campaign created through Wieden & Kennedy New York. The idea uses the expected imagery of fit, young people, with the conceit that when you're in shape, you're better equipped to get into all sorts of trouble. It's an interesting idea, featuring this film that shows millennial youths using their bodies to their advantage -- streaking on a beach, rowing in the middle of an empty lake, clambering out of the trunks of a car -- to get up to some naughty shenanigans. The campaign also features some really cool photography by Robert Wyatt. One image, for example shows a young man sporting a particularly spectacular black eye, with the words "Equinox Made me Do It" emblazoned across it. Because this year, getting in shape is about more than just your health.