Puerto Rico Tourism Pushes Winter Baseball. Guess Where?

JWT Takes Advantage of World Series in Chilly Chicago to Entice Fans

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Nov 02, 2016

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Most tourists probably don't go to Puerto Rico for the baseball. At least not yet.

Puerto Rico Tourism and J. Walter Thompson are always quick to spot opportunities to lure anyone from astronauts to blizzard victims and now baseball fans to Puerto Rico. This time the agency floated the idea, in a video, that U.S. baseball ends in the fall because it's too cold to keep playing. But what if baseball season could extend into the winter in a place where it's always 85 degrees. Guess where?

The agency seized on the World Series in Chicago and got two Puerto Ricans ��" Cleveland Indians first base coach Sandy Alomar and former Chicago Cubs player Ivan de Jesus ��" to talk up the idea at the fifth game at Wrigley Stadium on Oct. 30. Four baseball fans will get a winter vacation ��" and a chance to enjoy the winter baseball league ��" in Puerto Rico.

"This is something we thought of last Thursday, sold [to the client] on Friday, produced on Sunday and went on air last night," said Jaime Rosado, creative VP of J. Walter Thompson Puerto Rico and regional creative director for Latin America.

Earlier this year, Puerto Rico Tourism targeted Chicagoans with a stunt offering them salt from Puerto Rico in February to melt the snow in the middle of their freezing winter. Last year, when blizzard-weary Bostonians were entertaining themselves by jumping out of windows into the snow, JWT organized free trips to Puerto Rico for daredevils who responded to #BostonBlizzardChallenge.Later, the tourism group and JWT responded to a tweet by astronaut Scott Kelly, who mentioned Puerto Rico as he was orbiting Planet Earth, and invited him to the island.