ESPN Adapts Eye Exams for Brazilian Sports Fans

Vision Test Is All About How Many Photos of Soccer Players You Can Identify

Published On
Mar 05, 2015

Editor's Pick

ESPN and Sao Paulo agency Africa came up with a creative way to entice men to get their vision tested, and promote ESPN's soccer broadcasts at the same time. Most Brazilian men don't have their eyes tested regularly, and more than half think their vision is just fine, according to a survey by the University of Sao Paulo, but about 25% of the Brazilian population does have some kind of vision problem.

So an ESPN Eye Test van, equipped with an ophthalmologist and his equipment, drove around offering vision tests for sports fans. Instead of squinting to read boring rows of letters and numbers, guys had to correctly identify photos of soccer players and teams. The case study video takes us through sports fans enjoying their vision tests for myopia, contrast detection and color blindness, with responses like "He's from Arsenal, but I can't tell who ..." and "Messi!"

The message: ESPN has the best HD broadcast of the Champions League games. But your eyes have to be ready.