Errol Morris Examines Mr. Met, a British Streaker and Crazy Collectors in ESPN Series

Short Films Build Off W&K's Long-Running "It's Not Crazy, It's Sports" Campaign

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Feb 25, 2015

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Oscar-winning director Errol Morris ("Fog of War," "Thin Blue Line") once again is applying his unique point of view to the world of sports for ESPN in a new series of short films, "It's Not Crazy, It's Sports." The films will debut on Sunday, March 1 at 9 p.m. ET and build off Wieden & Kennedy, New York's long-running campaign of the same name for the broadcaster, which has examined the world of sports through the lens of its sometimes overzealous fans.

Produced out of ESPN Films, Wieden & Kennedy Entertainment and Mr. Morris' commercial production company Moxie Pictures, the series will cover such subjects as the "Subterranean Stadium" of an electronic football fan and his friends, British streaker Mark Roberts, A.J. Mass (a man who for four years played the role of Mr. Met) and obsessive sports memorabilia collectors.

Following the ESPN broadcast, each short film will air on different days on, as part of the online publisher's "Errol Morris Week" exploring the director's work and career.

This isn't Mr. Morris' first production for ESPN. In 2012, Mr. Morris directed the "It's Not Crazy, It's Sports" short film, "Team Spirit," which documented the experiences of funeral directors, tombstone carvers and family members who helped usher deceased enthusiastic sports fans into their next lives.