ESPN : The Usual

The Olympics are over. Sport is not.

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Sep 07, 2012

Editor's Pick

Football (the soccer kind) and rugby seasons are on, and ESPN U.K. has a couple of new spots to promote the range of content the broadcaster has on tap for sports fans.

Starring ESPN presenter Ray Stubbs and other key talent from the network, the ad features a very unusual weekend for Mr. Stubbs and the gang. Turns out, it's not that unusual at all -- this is just an every-weekend kind of deal when you have ESPN.

There's some pretty sweet, detailed sets used in the ad, including a setup that shows the ESPN Rugby "burger van" pitch-side studio, a UFC octogon, and even a Formula Renault racing car. All sports, including American ones, are featured. What makes it especially fun to watch is that you view the sports through the reactions of the audience -- and some very interesting sound effects. A shorter, :15 second ad is also part of the campaign, which was created in-house at ESPN.