Mentoring Gets a New Tagline: F*ck Off, I'm Helping

Esquire Has a Decidedly Unstuffy Take on Inspiring the Next Generation of Good Men

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Sep 18, 2014

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To promote a new mentoring project, Esquire decided to take a humorous approach after its research showed some men find the very concept of mentoring to be too stuffy and inaccessible. These print ads by 72andSunny use the tagline "F*ck Off, I'm Helping" with photos of guys doing the kinds of fun things that most grown men don't typically have the time for, like going to the pool and go-karting.

The campaign is part of a multiplatform initiative to inspire Esquire readers to take a more active role in nurturing the next generation of good men, with the goal of enlisting 100,000 new mentors by 2020. The magazine is also launching a microsite where people can explore its "Who Made You the Man You Are Today?" project, for which it photographed and interviewed 50 famous men (including Steve Carell, David Petraeus and Samuel L. Jackson) about the people who played pivotal roles in their success.