Downton's Mr. Bates Turns Truly Menacing in Esquire's 'Spotless' Trailer

Brendan Coyle Plays Ruthless Crime Boss Nelson Clay

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Nov 20, 2015

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Actor Brendan Coyle is perhaps best known as the mild-mannered valet Mr. Bates from "Downton Abbey." But he takes a surprising, Mr. Hyde-like turn in this promo for Esquire network's new drama, "Spotless," in which he plays a ruthless crime boss.

Created out of BBH L.A., the film begins with Coyle seeming to be his more familiar character, but he quickly transforms into the more menacing Nelson Clay, with gun in hand and a merciless glint in his eye. "Here, I give the orders, and I decide who gets mercy and who doesn't," he says.

It's the dark underside to Bates that we always knew was there.