There Is No Sex in This Calvin Klein Ad Starring Jake Gyllenhaal (Just Its Aftermath)

Cary Fukunaga Directs a Sweet Spot Produced by Gyllenhaal's Production Company Nine Stories

Published On
Oct 24, 2017

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Calvin Klein, the brand, is known for advertising that often pushes sexually suggestive boundaries, but a new commercial for Eternity sets an entirely different, unexpected (and lovely) tone for the iconic fragrance.

In a black-and-white spot directed by Cary Fukunaga and produced by Jake Gyllenhaal's production company Nine Stories, Gyllenhaal portrays a doting family man. At first we hear him in voice-over--"I carry your heart with me," he says, as he begins reading the famous E. E. Cummings poem with that title--and then we see him with his wife or girlfriend (model Liya Kebede) and their daughter (a child actress named Leila), mostly hanging out on a couch.

The ad is all sweetness and smiles and gentle hugs and caresses and poetry--literally poetry, as both father and mother take turns reciting Cummings' emotional stanzas to their little girl for the rest of ad. And then, at the end, a product shot--bottles of Eternity and Eternity for Men--in case you were wondering how this photogenic family smells.

The history of Calvin Klein ads typically has been fraught with sexual tension, featuring impossibly beautiful people who seemed always on the verge of sex, or perhaps immediately post-coital. Here Calvin Klein goes, well, very post-coital, fast-forwarding to a blissful world in which the passionate sex inspired by previous Eternity ads has resulted in perfect, and perfectly adorable, offspring.