Euphoria Live | Labrinth x Mini Mart Performance | HBO

Emmy-nominated, series composer Labrinth perform songs from Euphoria for the very first time.

Published On
Jun 04, 2021


To celebrate Labrinth’s Emmy nod for Euphoria’s “Outstanding Music Composition,” HBO created a space for the musical genius to revisit the series’ anthemic score. The immersive performance was inspired by the series’ iconic visuals and recurring convenience store setting. To announce the event, HBO released a social mix of Mini Mart neon graphics and vignettes to tease the performance and drive fans to tune in to the can’t-miss event. A slew of devoted Labrinth and Euphoria fans eagerly awaited the performance and generated Twitter buzz sharing their best Euphoria-inspired looks in preparation for the big event. “The Euphoria Mini Mart presents Labrinth” went live on YouTube Premieres to the delight of the Euphoria hive. The immersive music experience was a breath of fresh air, elevating the “live from home” performance model, driving over 8M views as it trended worldwide on both Twitter and YouTube. As soon as the performance aired, the Live Chat accompanying the stream never slowed down, with diehard fans chanting for more, even after Labrinth sang his last note and the visuals faded to black. Due to the global pandemic's impact on travel and employee safety, all project management, creative direction, design direction, asset creation, production design, content capture, and talent management was managed remotely.