Audi Puts a Gender Equality Spin on Cinderella in a Rally-Car Themed Spot

Proximity Barcelona Follows Up Previous Film 'The Doll Who Chose to Drive'

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Jan 05, 2018

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Audi subverts the traditional storyline of "Cinderella" in its most recent holiday film from Spain, a follow up to last year's ad highlighting gender stereotypes, The Doll Who Chose to Drive.

The same agency and animation team, Proximity Barcelona and post23, worked on the new film, and it was directed by Jordi Garcia, who was head of animation. It starts with a live-action scene of a father reading his daughter the fairy tale out of a traditional-looking book. However, as he tells the story an animation unfolds, and in contrast to the traditional images in the book there are some key changes: Cinderella's "carriage" is a bright-red Audi, and she drives herself to the ball (facing down a fierce wolf on the way, in a nod to another tale). There, rather than snaring Prince Charming in a dance, she faces off with him in a car race. The live-action ending reveals that the girl sleeps with posters of rally cars on her walls, and her present under the Christmas tree is a model of the red racing car.

Audi says the tale was inspired by racing driver Michele Mouton, the first woman ever to win a race in the World Rally Championship in 1981, driving for Audi.

The film is running on Audi social media and in Spanish cinemas.