Lufthansa Pokes Fun at English Soccer Fans Ahead of Euro 2016

Spot Imagines Supporters on a German Flight From Hell

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May 19, 2016

Editor's Pick

As soccer fever heats up in Europe ahead of Euro 2016 next month, Lufthansa has got in early with a spot that has a cheeky dig at England supporters, making fun of their prejudices about German rivals.

In this spot by Hamburg agency Kolle Rebbe, two England fans waiting at an airport are disconcerted to find that their flight's been cancelled, and they're rebooked on Lufthansa.

"We're flying with the Germans?" one asks in horror, and we then see a sequence where he's sitting on a plane decorated like something out the 1970s and surrounded by Oompah bands, cuckoo clocks, bratwurst and beer kegs, while being forced to watch German goals on the screen. Even a young kid gloats at him from behind. Luckily the reality is much more pleasant -- cold beer, mozzarella salad and a friendly stewardesss -- although the smug little kid is still there.