Black and White Stands for Freedom While Color Is a Cage, Says This Stunning Leica Ad

F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi Delivers Another Beautiful Film for the Camera Brand

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Mar 28, 2017

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Brazilian agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi has created stunning work for camera brand Leica, including a Cannes Lions Grand Prix-winning ad for the brand's 100th anniversary, which seamlessly stitched together history's most famous photographs. It adds another gorgeous piece to the oeuvre with an abstract film promoting the company's M Monochrom camera, "Everything in Black and White."

The agency tapped the directing team of Mateus de Paula Santos and Fbio Acorsi from Lobo, known for their skills in multi-media storytelling, to create a poetic, visual paean that delivers a "controversial" statement in order to promote the black-and-white camera.

As we see obscure, geometric black and white shapes fill the screen, a voiceover opines on how color represents a world of restriction and rigidity, while black and white is the palette of freedom and creativity:

"Nothing is more colorful than black and white. Blood red, green grass, blue water. In the colored world, there is no space for dreams or reverie. The colors order, the eyes obey iimagination's death row. The black and white world is anarchistic. In it, norms exist only for those who decide to invent them Black and white is all the colors. Whichever inspiration decides. In the prison of colors, black and white is the sunbath."

The directors' techniques lived up to the ad's concept: for the first half of the spot, about color, the directors chose to create the imagery digitally, while in the latter half they embraced the more "anarchic" essence of black and white through analog methods including stop motion, projection and photographs shot through the M-Monochrom itself.

"Leica M Monochrom - free yourself from colors," reads the tag.

"The unique nature of Monochrom made us delve into the universe of photography as a whole," the directors said in a statement. "Not only technically, translating the analogical and digital processes of photography, but also conceptually, given the brand's relevance for the success of languages such as photojournalism."

The campaign also includes three radio spots and will run in Brazil, France and Germany.