Everything Is a Playable Character in This PlayStation 4 Game

Upcoming Title Was Created by Developer/Artist David O'Reilly

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Mar 09, 2016

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PlayStation has released an intriguing trailer for "Everything," a new PS4 game created by L.A.-based Irish artist David O'Reilly, who's known for his short films as well as video game sequences for Spike Jonze's "Her."

As O'Reilly explains in a PlayStation blog post, Everything "is a game in which everything you see is a playable character." Her continues" "The game lets you see the entire universe from the point of view of the thousands of things in it. In other words, there is no distinction between you and the world, or between a level and a character. All these things experience and interact with the world differently."

It all sounds very existential. The game's still in development and not available yet -- but look out for this one in the months to come.