Evian encourages plastic recycling with its 'flip it' social campaign

The bottled water brand is partnering with National Geographic

Published On
May 23, 2019

Editor's Pick

With the issue of plastic pollution increasingly topical, water brand Evian is trying to encourage recycling of its own bottles with a new social media campaign via AKQA. 

It's partnering with National Geographic for the "Flip It for Good" campaign, in which it encourages people to post a video on social media of themselves "flipping" a bottle into a recycling bin. For every video posted with the hashtag #flipitforgood, Evian will make a donation to support Plastic Bank's environmental efforts.

As part of the campaign, Evian filmed three celebrities—tennis champion Stan Wawrinka (seen here), National Geographic explorer Cory Richards and creative entrepreneur Luka Sabbat—all flipping their own bottles. The effort also makes the point that only 14 per cent of plastic bottles are currently recycled.

While it's nice the brand is attempting to offset any damage it may be doing, why not consider a different route and drop the plastic altogether?